Title Expert Practice
Type Stage Two
Code HBI130
Requirement Compulsory

Module objective

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will be able to analyse, synthesise and apply their knowledge and understanding of providing expertise and leadership in their clinical practice, managing, processing, analysing and disseminating complex data for patients, providing scientific and strategic expertise within the prevailing medical device regulatory framework.

The Clinical Scientist in HSST will also be expected to consistently demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours necessary for the role of a CCS.

Knowledge and understanding

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will be able to analyse, synthesise, evaluate and critically apply their expert knowledge of a specialist area of Clinical Bioinformatics in physical science practice, including the:

  • Attributes of an expert in clinical bioinformatics practice in physical sciences.
  • Definition and understanding of expert practice and how to assess the performance of experts.
  • Attitudes required to maintain expert practice.
  • Role of mentoring and coaching in supporting expert practice.
  • Added value an expert brings to patient care, healthcare science services, and health and social care services.
  • Strategic scrutiny of management and user access control arrangements to maintain database security.
  • Development of automated clinical system housekeeping and quality assurance tasks.
  • Use of formal project management techniques, such as Prince 2, in the wider management of clinical and scientific computing projects.
  • How to lead teams and develop processes that underpin the use of high-quality, safe and secure data management/data management systems.
  • How to lead evolving ‘big data’ projects, including meaning, data extraction and infrastructure.

Technical and clinical skills

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of standards, legislation and guidance in their area of clinical practice. They will apply their knowledge in their area of clinical practice, performing and mastering the following technical and clinical skills, and will:

  • Provide a high level of scientific expertise to complex problems in their own area of specialist practice
  • Ensure that clinical scientific services are delivered with a commitment to excellent quality, safety, confidentiality, accountability, reliability, communication and professional and managerial integrity.
  • Ensure clinical bioinformatics services are delivered in clean and safe environments that are fit forpurpose, based on national best practice.
  • Provide consultant-level clinical scientific advice, including interpretation of investigations and their outcomes, therapies and their implications for patient care and management, and recommendations for additional or more complex investigations.
  • Provide scientific advice on legislative compliance in own specialist area of practice.
  • Introduce and critically evaluate measures to identify, actively manage and mitigate risk to patients.
  • Lead high-quality patient-focused clinical scientific services that promote excellent patient outcomes, support patient involvement and engagement and continually seek to improve the safety and quality of NHS clinical scientific services.
  • Collaborate with colleagues across organisational boundaries to develop, promote and participate in a multiprofessional approach to high-quality patient care and management.
  • Play a direct role within the multiprofessional team in the management of cohorts of complex patients.
  • In appropriate circumstances and within the context of particular and defined clinical circumstances, impart scientific information to the MDT.
  • Respond positively to and promote new developments that enable patients to have improved and safer access to information about their care.

Attitudes and behaviours

This module has no attitude and behaviours information.


Code Title Action
HBI1-2-20 Clinical Bioinformatics - Physical Sciences [v1] View