Title Techniques used in the application of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics H and I Services
Type Stage Two
Code HLS337
Requirement Compulsory

Module objective

By the end of the training period trainees will, in respect to a thorough understanding, theoretical and practical, of the knowledge, theoretical skills and clinical skills necessary to be proficient in the selection and interpretation of tests routinely used in the application of histocompatibility and immunogenetics (H&I) services, be able to:

  • analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply knowledge
  • perform, adapt and master a range of technical and clinical skills and procedures and
  • demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours necessary for professional practise as a Consultant Clinical Scientist dealing with the complexities, uncertainties and tensions of professional practise at this level.

Knowledge and understanding

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to demonstrate the ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesise relevant knowledge and its application to their professional practice in relation to the:

  • Principles of HLA typing assays: SSP, SSOP, DNA probe-based hybridisation, SBT, arrays, next generation sequencing.
  • Principles of antibody detection and crossmatching techniques: CDC, flow cytometry, ELISA, Luminex.
  • Criteria for test selection and application to clinical specialism
  • Limitations and clinical relevance of available tests.

Technical and clinical skills

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of current relevant research, theory and knowledge and its application to the performance, adaptation and mastery of the following skills:

  • Perform procedures to validate results e.g. family pedigree information.
  • Produce accurate and relevant laboratory reports with appropriate interpretive comments.
  • Use correct HLA nomenclature and level of resolution appropriate to specific requirements.

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to apply knowledge of the general principles of the techniques used in the application of H&I services to perform, adapt and master the clinical skills necessary to manage and to understand the:

  • provision of clinical advice on requirements for additional/subsequent tests.
  • How to advise on the diagnostic value of test results.

Attitudes and behaviours

This module has no attitude and behaviours information.


Code Title Action
HLS3-3-20 Molecular Pathology of Acquired Disease [v1] View