Title End of Life Care in Cardiology
Type Stage One
Code HPS106
Requirement Compulsory

Module objective

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST, with respect to end of life care, will be able to recognise the professional role undertaken by scientific staff in end of life care of relevance to cardiac conditions in patients of all ages (e.g. valvular heart disease, heart failure, congenital heart disease) where the focus of care should change from therapies designed to alter the natural history of the disease to those aimed at symptom control, and consistently demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours necessary for the role of a Consultant Clinical Scientist.

Knowledge and understanding

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will critically analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply their expert knowledge with respect to end of life care in cardiology, including:

  • the natural history and prognosis of chronic cardiovascular diseases (coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, CHD and pulmonary hypertension);
  • policy and practices with respect to the deactivation of implantable devices in terminally ill patients.

Technical and clinical skills

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of current research and its application to the performance, adaptation and mastery of a range of clinical and communication skills, and will:

  • discuss palliative care management related to devices with the patient and their family/carers;
  • reflect on the challenges of applying research to practice in relation to end of life care in cardiology and suggest improvements, building on a critique of available evidence.

Attitudes and behaviours

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will be expected to evaluate their own response to both normal and complex situations. They will consistently demonstrate the professional attributes and insights required of a Clinical Scientist in HSST working within the limits of professional competence, referring as appropriate to senior staff, and will:

  • appreciate that palliative care is a multidisciplinary holistic approach to patient care at end of life involving the patient and their family/carers.


Code Title Action
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HPS1-1-1-20 Cardiac (Adult) [v1] View
HPS1-1-3-20 Cardiac (Adult Congenital) [v1] View