Competency information


Provide information regarding genetic testing options and elicit the individual’s preference for testing in independent consultations


  • Options available e.g. risk management, genetic testing and reproductive options
  • Alternative options and the legitimacy
  • The benefits and cons risks of the alternatives, taking account of patients’ concerns and personal circumstances
  • Uncertainties associated with available options
  • Assessing the individual’s understanding decisions
  • Eliciting individual preferences for risk management options
  • Eliciting patient preferences for reproductive options
  • Eliciting patient preferences for predictive/pre-symptomatic genetic testing
  • Informed consent
  • Genetic tests available for different genetic conditions and clinical situations
  • Procedure to order genetic tests
  • The effect of genetic test results on patient care and the care pathway for different genetic conditions
  • Implications for family members
  • Risk, benefits and limitation of interventions
  • Population and new-born screening programmes

Relevant learning outcomes

# Outcome
# 1 Outcome

Lead on establishing the patient agenda and psychosocial needs in complex genetic and genomic counselling consultations, under the supervision of a GCRB registered Genetic Counsellor.

# 2 Outcome

Employ counselling skills to facilitate complex decision making during genetic and genomic counselling consultations.