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Joint statement by IPEM and the National School of Healthcare Science: Imaging with non-ionising radiation speciality

After a lengthy consultation regarding the best route forward for our Scientist Training Programme Specialty 'Imaging with Non-ionising Radiation' we have jointly issued a statement with IPEM detailing the outcome. You can read this below.

27 February 2020
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Opportunity to present on your role as a Healthcare Scientist

We are offering all trainees an opportunity to present on their role as a Healthcare Scientist. This gives you an opportunity to fulfil STP professional practice competencies or meet HSST Standards of Proficiency. 

21 August 2019

STP Curriculum Milestone Tracker

The Scientist Training Programme Curriculum Content Review Project began in 2019. To help our stakeholders keep up to date with the progress we have created a visual and interactive tracker. Through the tracker, you will be able to see how each specialty curriculum is progressing via the milestone completion boxes and by clicking on a specialty, you can see more detailed information such as relevant updates or any call to actions.

25 July 2019

We are recruiting for a CCVRS Lead Editor to work on Curriculum Review

Join the STP Curriculum Content Review project

25 July 2019
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First Curriculum Review Meeting

After the initial announcement, Curriculum Review for the Scientist Training Programme (STP) has officially begun!

5 June 2019
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Clinical Bioinformaticians needed for Curriculum Review

With the Curriculum Review under way, we are now in need of Lead Editors for Clinical Bioinformatics to work with us to review and update the existing Clinical Bioinformatics STP curricula.

13 May 2019
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Calling all Medical Physicists - Deadline Extension

The deadline to express an interest as Lead Editor in our STP Curriculum Review for our specialties within Medical Physics has been extended until Sunday 19th May.

2 May 2019
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National School statement on flexible delivery of STP rotations

In 2018, the National School published the outcomes and recommendations of its comprehensive STP Improvement Review, to which over 1,000 respondents from the Healthcare Science community contributed.

2 April 2019
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We are recruiting Specialty Lead Editors for work on Curriculum Review

The National School of Healthcare Science is delighted to announce that we are now recruiting for Specialty Lead Editors for the Scientist Training Programme (STP) Curriculum Content Review Project.

26 March 2019
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Science in the media - An elective rotation

For my elective, I chose to look at how science is communicated to the general public through the media and what the role of a clinical scientist could be in this.

10 January 2019

School launches a new e-portfolio service

Trainees were directly involved in the selection of OneFile at the procurement stage and trainees were involved in an early evaluation of the School's proposed configuration of OneFile before it was launched to 2017 HSST trainees.

19 December 2018

Information about NSHCS move to OneFile e-Portfolio

This announcement only affects 1st and 2nd year STP trainees

19 July 2018
HSST, OneFile

New e-portfolio service launched for all HSST trainees

A programme of research into the experience of HSST trainees and supervisors using OneFile has begun and is already providing the School with valuable insights which are being acted on to adapt and support the service.

23 January 2018
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Academic provider decision for MSc in Genomic Science

30 June 2016