Code Title Version
HBI1-1 Clinical Bioinformatics – Genomics
HBI-1-3 Clinical Bioinformatics – Health Informatics
HBI1-2 Clinical Bioinformatics – Physical Sciences

Life Sciences

Code Title Version
HLS1-5 Analytical Toxicology
HLS1-6 Clinical and Laboratory Transfusion
HLS1-1 Clinical Biochemistry
HLS1-3 Clinical Immunology
HLS4-1 Genetics
HLS1-2-2 Haematology (Haemato-Oncology)
HLS1-2-1 Haematology (Haemostasis and Thrombosis)
HLS1-2-3 Haematology (Transfusion)
HLS1-4 Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics
HLS2-1 Microbiology
HLS3-3 Molecular Pathology of Acquired Disease
HLS2-4 Molecular Pathology of Infection
HLS3-1 Reproductive Science
HLS2-3 Virology

Physical Sciences & Biomedical Engineering

Code Title Version
HPE3-1 Clinical Biomedical Engineering
HPE1-2 Imaging Physics
HPE1-1 Radiotherapy Physics
HPE4-1 Reconstructive Sciences

Physiological Sciences

Code Title Version
HPS2-1-1 Audiological Sciences (Adult)
HPS2-1-2 Audiological Sciences (Paediatric)
HPS1-1-3 Cardiac (Adult Congenital)
HPS1-1-1 Cardiac (Adult)
HPS1-1-2 Cardiac (Congenital and Paediatric)
HPS3-1 Gastrointestinal Physiology
HPS2-3-1 Neurophysiological Science (EEG)
HPS2-3-2 Neurophysiological Science (EP)
HPS2-2-1 Ophthalmic & Vision Sciences (Electrophysiology)
HPS2-2-2 Ophthalmic & Vision Sciences (Imaging)
HPS2-2-3 Ophthalmic & Vision Sciences (Visual Perception and Psychophysics)
HPS1-3-1 Respiratory & Sleep Science (Adult)
HPS1-3-2 Respiratory & Sleep Science (Paediatric)
HPS3-2 Urological Science
HPS1-2 Vascular Science