Stage One

Code Title Requirement Action
HBI100 Consolidating the Scientific Basis of Genomics Compulsory
HBI101 Integrative OMICS Compulsory
HBI102 Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics Compulsory
HBI103 Health Data and Methods for Evidence based Decision Making Compulsory
HBI104 Legislation Practical Application and Clinical Impact Compulsory
HBI105 Clinical Computing Systems Management Compulsory
HBI106 Regulatory Frameworks Compulsory
HBI107 Risk Management and Clinical Computing Safety Compulsory
HBI108 Applied Health Informatics Compulsory
HBI109 Clinical Statistical Methods Compulsory
HBI110 Data Management Compulsory
HBI111 Data Science Compulsory
HBI112 Debates and Controversies in Clinical Bioinformatics Compulsory
HBI113 Integration of Specialist Scientific Software In and For Health and Social Care Compulsory
HBI114 Software Engineering and Coding Skills in Health and Social Care Compulsory
HBI115 Translational Research Compulsory
HLS000 Background and principles Compulsory
HLS001 Operational skills Compulsory
HLS002 Outline knowledge of subspecialty topics Compulsory
HLS003 Health and safety in clinical biochemistry practice Compulsory
HLS004 Laboratory competences – Analytical techniques and instrumentation Compulsory
HLS005 Laboratory competences – Evaluation of an analytical method Compulsory
HLS006 Clinical governance and audit competences Compulsory
HLS007 Competencies in the clinical biochemistry of disease Compulsory
HLS008 Introduction to clinical biochemistry Compulsory
HLS009 Clinical Biochemistry – Analytical techniques and instrumentation Compulsory
HLS010 Clinical Biochemistry – Competencies in the interpretation of laboratory data 1 Compulsory
HLS011 Clinical Biochemistry – Evaluation of an analytical method Compulsory
HLS012 Allergy 1 Compulsory
HLS013 Autoimmunity 1 Compulsory
HLS014 Basic and theoretical skills 1 Compulsory
HLS015 Health and safety in immunology practice Compulsory
HLS016 Lymphoid malignancy 1 Compulsory
HLS017 Primary immune deficiency 1 Compulsory
HLS018 Therapeutics 1 Compulsory
HLS019 Laboratory skills 1 Compulsory
HLS020 Introduction to Haematology Compulsory
HLS021 Laboratory Haematology Compulsory
HLS022 Health and safety in haematology practice Compulsory
HLS023 Anaemia Compulsory
HLS024 Acute leukaemia Compulsory
HLS025 Chronic leukaemia Compulsory
HLS026 Myeloma Compulsory
HLS027 Congenital coagulation disorders Compulsory
HLS028 Thrombophilia Compulsory
HLS029 Anticoagulation Compulsory
HLS030 Acquired bleeding disorders Compulsory
HLS031 Bone marrow failure syndromes 1 Compulsory
HLS032 Haemoglobinopathy Compulsory
HLS033 Myeloproliferative disorders Compulsory
HLS034 Transfusion medicine Compulsory
HLS035 Haematology relating to other medical specialities and communication skills Compulsory
HLS036 Lymphoma 1 Compulsory
HLS037 Platelet disorders 1 Compulsory
HLS038 Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Blood transfusion 1 Compulsory
HLS039 Disease 1 Compulsory
HLS040 Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation 1 Compulsory
HLS041 Immunogenetics and the Major Histocompatibility Complex 1 Compulsory
HLS042 Laboratory aspects of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Compulsory
HLS043 Pure Immunology Compulsory
HLS044 Applied Immunology Compulsory
HLS045 Quality Compulsory
HLS046 Solid organ transplantation 1 Compulsory
HLS047 Management Compulsory
HLS048 The Immunological basis of Transfusion Compulsory
HLS049 Basic Haematology Compulsory
HLS050 Blood Group Systems Compulsory
HLS051 The Principles of Blood Group Serology Compulsory
HLS052 Transfusion Laboratory Practice: Routine Haematology Tests and Pre-Transfusion Testing Compulsory
HLS053 Transfusion Laboratory Practice: Haemolytic Disease of the Foetus and Newborn Compulsory
HLS054 Transfusion Therapy: Administration of Red Cells to Adult Patients Compulsory
HLS055 Transfusion Therapy: Administration of Red cells in the Antenatal and Neonatal Periods Compulsory
HLS056 Transfusion Therapy: Selection and Appropriate use of Blood Components and Plasma Derivatives Compulsory
HLS057 Donor Recruitment, Selection and the Donation Process Compulsory
HLS058 Preparation, Testing, Labelling and Storage of Blood Components Compulsory
HLS059 Role of Information Technology and Laboratory Automation Compulsory
HLS060 Quality Systems and the Management of Clinical Incidents in Transfusion Practice Compulsory
HLS210 Antimicrobial chemotherapy Compulsory
HLS211 Clinical presentation and management of infection Compulsory
HLS212 Health and safety in microbiological and virological practice Compulsory
HLS213 Laboratory aspects of microbiology and virology Compulsory
HLS214 The role of microbiology and virology in infection prevention and control Compulsory
HLS310 Core Molecular Techniques and Technologies Compulsory
HLS311 Health and safety in laboratory practice Compulsory
HLS312 Laboratory aspects of reproductive science Compulsory
HLS313 Regulation, health and safety in the practice of reproductive science Compulsory
HLS314 Biological basis of reproduction and fertility Compulsory
HLS315 Clinical aspects of reproductive science Compulsory
HLS316 The role of cryopreservation Compulsory
HLS410 Core genetics and biology Compulsory
HLS411 Laboratory aspects of genetics Compulsory
HLS412 Health and safety in genetics practice Compulsory
HLS413 Clinical knowledge Compulsory
HLS414 Statistics and bioinformatics Compulsory
HPE100 Clinical and Scientific Computing Compulsory
HPE101 Medical Equipment Management MPE Compulsory
HPE102 Medical Statistics for Medical Physics Compulsory
HPE103 Patient Care Pathways Compulsory
HPE104 Quality, Safety, Improvement and Audit Compulsory
HPE105 Regulatory Frameworks Medical Physics Compulsory
HPE106 Risk Management and Medical Equipment Safety Compulsory
HPE300 Medical Device Design Clinical Measurement Compulsory
HPE301 Common Clinical Investigations Compulsory
HPE302 Device Acquisition and Acceptance Compulsory
HPE303 Device Maintenance and Repair Compulsory
HPE304 Device Optimisation Compulsory
HPE305 Device Risk Management Compulsory
HPE306 Device Risk Management Overview Compulsory
HPE307 High Quality Clinical Care Engineering Compulsory
HPE308 Medical Device Information System Compulsory
HPE309 Patient Safety Compulsory
HPE310 Professional Advisory Services Compulsory
HPE311 Quality Safety Improvement and Audit Compulsory
HPE312 Rehabilitation Engineering Compulsory
HPE313 Standards for Chartered Engineer Compulsory
HPE314 WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health ICF Compulsory
HPE400 Analytical Sciences Compulsory
HPE401 Applied Computer Aided Design and Manufacture Compulsory
HPE402 Orofacial Disorders, Elective and Trauma Compulsory
HPE403 Patient Management and Clinical Decision Making Compulsory
HPE404 Safe Quality Assured Services in Reconstructive Science Compulsory
HPE405 Specialist Clinical Care Compulsory
HPS100 Advanced History Taking Cardiac Science Compulsory
HPS101 Assessment of Patients with Cardiovascular Disease Prior to Non Cardiac Surgery Compulsory
HPS102 Cardiac Arrhythmias Compulsory
HPS103 Community Cardiology Compulsory
HPS104 Congenital Heart Disease Compulsory
HPS105 Echocardiography Compulsory
HPS106 End of Life Care in Cardiology Compulsory
HPS107 Evidence Based Non Invasive Diagnostics Compulsory
HPS108 Heart Rhythm Management Pacing Management Compulsory
HPS109 Heart Rhythm Training Electrophysiology Compulsory
HPS110 Hypertension Compulsory
HPS111 Imaging Physics in Cardiology Compulsory
HPS112 Performing a Focused, Relevant Clinical Examination Compulsory
HPS113 Presentation and Management of Cardiac Disorders Compulsory
HPS114 Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Compulsory
HPS116 Resuscitation Immediate Life Support Compulsory
HPS117 Therapeutics in Cardiac Science Compulsory
HPS118 Advanced History Taking and Clinical Examination R and S Compulsory
HPS119 Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology Compulsory
HPS120 Clinical Presentation and Management of Respiratory and Sleep Disorders Compulsory
HPS121 Health and Safety in Respiratory and Sleep Physiology Practice Compulsory
HPS122 Laboratory Aspects of Respiratory and Sleep Physiology Practice Compulsory
HPS123 The Role of Chest X Ray in Respiratory Physiology Compulsory
HPS124 Therapeutics in Respiratory and Sleep Physiology Practice Compulsory
HPS125 Advanced History Taking Vascular Science Compulsory
HPS126 Medical and Surgical Management of Vascular Disease Compulsory
HPS127 Performing a Focused, Relevant Clinical Examination CCVRS Compulsory
HPS128 Safe, Quality Assured Vascular Science Services Compulsory
HPS129 The Public Health Impact of Vascular Disease Compulsory
HPS130 Therapeutics in Vascular Science Compulsory
HPS131 Vascular Assessment of Cerebrovascular Disease Compulsory
HPS132 Vascular Assessment of Peripheral Arterial Disease Compulsory
HPS133 Vascular Assessment of Venous Disease Compulsory
HPS200 Adult Rehabilitative Audiology Compulsory
HPS201 Advanced History Taking and Clinical Examination Audiology Compulsory
HPS202 Amplification Technologies and Applications non implantable devices Compulsory
HPS203 Central Auditory Dysfunction and Auditory Processing Disorder Compulsory
HPS204 Congenital and Prelingual Deafness in Children Compulsory
HPS205 Fluctuating deafness in children including otitis media with effusion Compulsory
HPS206 Implantable Devices for Hearing Loss Compulsory
HPS207 Sudden Hearing Loss Compulsory
HPS208 Therapeutics in Audiological Science Practice Compulsory
HPS209 Transition and Transfer of Young People and Adolescents Compulsory
HPS210 Unilateral Hearing Loss Compulsory
HPS211 Advanced History Taking and Clinical Examination Neurophysiology Compulsory
HPS212 Clinical Neurophysiology Underpinning Vision Science Practice Compulsory
HPS213 Clinical Presentation of Diseases of the Visual System Compulsory
HPS214 Clinical Presentation, Investigation and Management of Epilepsy Adult Compulsory
HPS215 Clinical Presentation, Investigation and Management of Epilepsy Paediatric Compulsory
HPS216 Concepts of Normality and Abnormality in Clinical Neurophysiology Effects of Age and Systemic Disease Compulsory
HPS217 Disorders of Sleep Compulsory
HPS218 Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring Compulsory
HPS219 Neuroimaging and Ultrasonography Compulsory
HPS220 Paediatric Neurophysiology Compulsory
HPS221 Peripheral Nerve Disorders Compulsory
HPS222 Safe, Quality Assured Neurophysiological Science Services Compulsory
HPS223 Therapeutics in Disorders of the Nervous System Compulsory
HPS224 Advanced History Taking and Clinical Examination Ophthalmic and Vision Science Compulsory
HPS225 Clinical Presentation, Investigation and Management of Diseases of the Visual System Compulsory
HPS226 Clinical Science Underpinning Ophthalmic and Vision Science Practice Compulsory
HPS227 Electrophysiology in Disorders of the Visual System Compulsory
HPS228 Epidemiology, Visual Impairment and Screening Compulsory
HPS229 Health and Safety in Ophthalmic and Vision Science Practice promoting patient centred, high quality, safe clinical service Compulsory
HPS230 Imaging in Disorders of the Visual System Compulsory
HPS231 Ocular Movement Physiology Compulsory
HPS232 Paediatrics in Ophthalmic and Vision Science Compulsory
HPS233 Psychophysical Testing in Disorders of the Visual System Compulsory
HPS234 Therapeutics in Disorders of the Visual System Compulsory
HPS300 Pelvic Floor Disorders Compulsory
HPS301 Concepts of Gastrointestinal and Urological Physiology Compulsory
HPS302 Developing Clinical Practice in GI Physiology and Urodynamic Science Compulsory
HPS303 Gastrointestinal Physiology and Urodynamics in Practice Compulsory
HPS304 Imaging in GI and Urodynamic Science Compulsory
HPS305 Imaging Science and Endoscopy Compulsory
HPS306 Instrumentation and Measurement Compulsory
HPS307 Neurophysiological Measurement Compulsory
HPS308 Paediatric Practice in Gastrointestinal and Urodynamic Sciences Compulsory
HPS309 Principles of Clinical Instrumentation Compulsory
HPS310 Principles of Physiological Measurement Compulsory
HPS311 Therapeutics in GI and Urodynamic Science Compulsory

Stage Two

Code Title Requirement Action
HBI116 Clinical Interpretation and Application of Genomic Findings in Rare Disease Compulsory
HBI117 Clinical Interpretation and Applications of Genomic Findings in Solid Tumours and Haematological Malignancy Compulsory
HBI118 Frontiers of Clinical Bioinformatics Cancer Genomics Optional
HBI119 Frontiers of Clinical Bioinformatics Infectious Disease Optional
HBI120 Frontiers of Clinical Bioinformatics Rare Diseases Optional
HBI121 Infectious Disease Pathology and Host Pathogen Interaction Compulsory
HBI122 Applied Health Data Analytics Compulsory
HBI123 Clinical Systems Technologies and Applications Compulsory
HBI124 Health Data and System Integration Compulsory
HBI125 Information and Knowledge Management Compulsory
HBI126 International Perspectives in eHealth Compulsory
HBI127 Advanced Development and Management Environments Compulsory
HBI128 Advanced Modelling and Simulation Compulsory
HBI129 Applying Clinical Bioinformatics in the Physical Sciences Compulsory
HBI130 Expert Practice Compulsory
HBI131 Quality, Standards and Legislation Compulsory
HBI132 Strategy, Policy and Collaborative Frameworks Compulsory
HCC20 Clinical Bioinformatics, Genomics and Personalised Medicine Compulsory
HCC21 Doctoral Level Research Compulsory
HCC22 Innovation in Healthcare Science Compulsory
HCC24 Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Partnership in Healthcare and Healthcare Science Compulsory
HCC25 Science Communication Compulsory
HCC26 Teaching, Learning and Assessment Compulsory
HCC320 Developing independent professional practice Compulsory
HCC321 Research, development and innovation Compulsory
HCC322 Training and education Compulsory
HCC323 Leadership and management Compulsory
HLS100 Analytical Toxicology – Analytical techniques and instrumentation Compulsory
HLS101 Clinical governance and audit competencies 4 Compulsory
HLS102 Clinical governance and audit competencies 5 Compulsory
HLS103 Competencies in research and development – Statistics 1 Compulsory
HLS104 Competencies in research and development – Statistics 2 Compulsory
HLS105 Competencies in research and development – Critical Appraisal Compulsory
HLS106 Analytical Toxicology – Competencies in the interpretation of laboratory data 1 Compulsory
HLS107 Analytical Toxicology – Competencies in the interpretation of laboratory data 2 Compulsory
HLS108 Analytical Toxicology – Evaluation of an analytical method Compulsory
HLS109 Laboratory management competencies Compulsory
HLS110 Introduction to clinical biochemistry and analytical toxicology Compulsory
HLS111 Competencies in medical toxicology Compulsory
HLS112 Competencies in clinical care – Generic aspects of clinical management Compulsory
HLS113 Laboratory competencies Compulsory
HLS114 Laboratory competencies – Analytical techniques and instrumentation Compulsory
HLS115 Laboratory competencies – Laboratory management competencies Compulsory
HLS116 Competencies in clinical biochemistry and analytical toxicology Compulsory
HLS117 Generic aspects Compulsory
HLS118 Biological variability Compulsory
HLS119 Gastrointestinal tract Compulsory
HLS120 Liver Compulsory
HLS121 Urogenital tract Compulsory
HLS122 Gas transport and H metabolism Compulsory
HLS123 Water and electrolytes Compulsory
HLS124 Proteins Compulsory
HLS125 Lipids Compulsory
HLS126 Cardiovascular system Compulsory
HLS127 Diabetes mellitus and glucose Compulsory
HLS128 Endocrinology adult and paediatric Compulsory
HLS129 Calcium, magnesium, bone Compulsory
HLS130 Nutrition Compulsory
HLS131 Haemoglobin and porphyrias Compulsory
HLS132 Enzymology Compulsory
HLS133 Genetics and molecular biology Compulsory
HLS134 Pregnancy Compulsory
HLS135 Newborn Compulsory
HLS136 Childhood Compulsory
HLS137 Inherited metabolic disorders Compulsory
HLS138 Neuromuscular system Compulsory
HLS139 Cancer Compulsory
HLS140 Metabolic response Compulsory
HLS141 Therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology Compulsory
HLS142 Competencies in clinical care Compulsory
HLS143 Competencies in the interpretation of laboratory data 2 Compulsory
HLS144 Allergy 2 Compulsory
HLS145 Basic and theoretical skills 2 Compulsory
HLS146 Laboratory skills 2 Compulsory
HLS147 Lymphoid malignancy 2 Compulsory
HLS148 Primary immune deficiency 2 Compulsory
HLS149 Therapeutics 2 Compulsory
HLS150 Haematology Blood transfusion Compulsory
HLS152 Bone marrow failure syndromes 2 Compulsory
HLS153 Haemostatic pathways and principles of coagulation Compulsory
HLS154 General laboratory investigation Compulsory
HLS155 Bleeding disorders haemophilia A and haemophilia B Compulsory
HLS156 Bleeding disorders Von Willebrand disease Compulsory
HLS157 Other bleeding disorders Compulsory
HLS158 Thrombotic disorders Compulsory
HLS159 Anticoagulant therapy and prophylaxis Compulsory
HLS160 Haematological malignancy Compulsory
HLS162 Haematopoiesis Compulsory
HLS163 General laboratory investigation of malignant haematological disease Compulsory
HLS164 Myeloid malignancy Compulsory
HLS165 Lymphoid leukaemia Compulsory
HLS166 Myeloma and plasma cell disorders Compulsory
HLS167 Blood and bone marrow transplantation Compulsory
HLS168 Management and quality assurance Compulsory
HLS169 Red cell, white cell and platelet immunohaematology Compulsory
HLS170 Transfusion microbiology Compulsory
HLS172 Blood component production and manufacturing Compulsory
HLS173 Clinical transfusion Compulsory
HLS174 Lymphoma 2 Compulsory
HLS175 Molecular diagnostics -Haemostasis and thrombosis Compulsory
HLS176 Molecular diagnostics-Haemato-oncology Compulsory
HLS177 Platelet disorders 2 Compulsory
HLS178 Disease 2 Compulsory
HLS179 Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation 2 Compulsory
HLS180 Immunogenetics and the major histocompatibility complex 2 Compulsory
HLS181 Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics in Blood transfusion 2 Compulsory
HLS182 Quality management Compulsory
HLS183 Solid organ transplantation 2 Compulsory
HLS184 Autoimmunity 2 Compulsory
HLS185 Analytical Toxicology – Competencies in the interpretation of laboratory data 3 Compulsory
HLS186 Haemopoiesis in Disease Compulsory
HLS187 Haemostasis and Transfusion Therapy Compulsory
HLS188 Transfusion Therapy for Patients with Anaemia and Common Haematological Disorders Compulsory
HLS189 Advanced Blood Group Serology Compulsory
HLS190 Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (H and I)in Blood Transfusion Compulsory
HLS191 Thrombocytopenia and Neutropenia in the Foetus, Neonate and Adult Compulsory
HLS192 Non-infectious Adverse Reactions to Red Cell Transfusion Therapy Compulsory
HLS193 Adverse Reactions to Platelet and Granulocyte Transfusion Therapy Compulsory
HLS194 Infectious Complications of Transfusion Therapy Compulsory
HLS195 Transfusion Support for Organ Transplantation Compulsory
HLS196 Haemopoietic Stem Cell Collection, Processing, Storage and Use Compulsory
HLS197 Patient Blood Management Compulsory
HLS198 Therapeutic Apheresis Compulsory
HLS199 Transfusion Regulations, Standards and Guidelines Compulsory
HLS200 Advanced Quality Management and Clinical Governance Compulsory
HLS201 Leadership and Management in Clinical and Laboratory Transfusion Curriculum Compulsory
HLS220 Presentation and management of CNS infections Compulsory
HLS221 Presentation and management of respiratory tract infections including infections of the ear, nose and throat ENT Compulsory
HLS222 Presentation and management of skin and soft tissue infections Compulsory
HLS224 Presentation and management of gastrointestinal GI infections Compulsory
HLS225 Presentation and management of intra abdominal infections Compulsory
HLS227 Presentation and management of patients in the critical care setting including severe sepsis and septic shock Compulsory
HLS228 Presentation and management in the returning traveller and fever of unknown origin Compulsory
HLS229 Antimicrobials Compulsory
HLS230 Virology Compulsory
HLS231 Mycology Compulsory
HLS232 Parasitology Compulsory
HLS234 Hospital acquired infection and infection control and prevention Compulsory
HLS235 Infection management infection in the community Compulsory
HLS236 Presentation and management of sexually transmitted infections STI and other infections of the reproductive system Compulsory
HLS237 Food water borne and animal associated infection Compulsory
HLS238 Health protection and epidemiology Compulsory
HLS239 Outbreaks of infection in hospital and the community Compulsory
HLS240 Occupational health and infection Compulsory
HLS242 Supraregional reference laboratory attachment Optional
HLS244 Anti microbial susceptibility Optional
HLS245 Exotic and dangerous infections Optional
HLS246 Virology attachment in a specialist virology laboratory virus reference laboratory Optional
HLS247 Developing subspecialty skills Optional
HLS254 Presentation and Management of Bone and Joint infections Compulsory
HLS255 Presentation and Management of Cardiovascular Infections Compulsory
HLS256 Molecular Pathology of Infection Presentation and Management of Infections in Immune Compromised Patients Compulsory
HLS257 Presentation and Management of Infections in Neonates and Children Compulsory
HLS258 Presentation and Management of Infections in Pregnancy Compulsory
HLS259 Presentation and Management of Ophthalmic Infections Compulsory
HLS260 Presentation and Management of Urinary Tract Infections Compulsory
HLS261 Laboratory Techniques choice of test and interpretation Compulsory
HLS262 Specialist Clinical Skills Presentation and Management of CNS Infections Compulsory
HLS264 Presentation and Management of Respiratory Tract Infections including infections of the ear, nose and throat Compulsory
HLS265 Presentation and Management of Skin and Soft Tissue Compulsory
HLS266 Public Health and Epidemiology Compulsory
HLS267 Presentation and Management of Gastrointestinal Infections Compulsory
HLS268 Specialist Clinical Skills Presentation and Management of Intra Abdominal Infections Compulsory
HLS269 Hospital Infection Control Compulsory
HLS270 Application of next generation sequencing or Whole Genome Sequencing WGS in Clinical Management, Infection Control and Public Health Compulsory
HLS271 Techniques used in the application of H and I Services Compulsory
HLS272 Immunodeficiency Compulsory
HLS273 Pathology of Infection Research, Development and Innovation Compulsory
HLS274 Virology Management Compulsory
HLS275 Basic Virology Compulsory
HLS276 Laboratory techniques general Compulsory
HLS277 Laboratory techniques specific Compulsory
HLS278 Laboratory techniques interpretation Compulsory
HLS279 Clinical and treatment aspects Compulsory
HLS280 Understanding research and development in virology Compulsory
HLS281 Virology Supraregional reference laboratory attachment Optional
HLS282 Anti viral susceptibility Optional
HLS283 Exotic and dangerous virus infections Optional
HLS284 Microbiology attachment Optional
HLS285 Further developing virology subspecialty skills Optional
HLS320 Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation HSCT Compulsory
HLS321 Basic Principles of Laboratory Haematology Compulsory
HLS322 Genetic Basis of Haematopoietic Neoplasms Compulsory
HLS323 Molecular Pathology of Myeloid Neoplasms Compulsory
HLS324 Molecular Pathology of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Compulsory
HLS325 Molecular Pathology of Lymphomas Compulsory
HLS326 Myeloma Paraproteinaemias and Related Disorders Compulsory
HLS327 Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes and Familial Haematological Cancer Syndromes Compulsory
HLS328 Molecular Pathology of Solid Neoplasms General Principles Compulsory
HLS329 Breast Cancer Compulsory
HLS330 Colorectal Cancer Compulsory
HLS331 Lung Cancer Compulsory
HLS332 Malignant Melanoma Compulsory
HLS333 Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours GISTs Compulsory
HLS334 Sarcomas Compulsory
HLS335 Paediatric cancers thyroid cancer CNS neoplasias and others Compulsory
HLS336 HLA associations and Immunological Diseases Compulsory
HLS337 Techniques used in the application of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics H and I Services Compulsory
HLS338 Tumour Immunology Compulsory
HLS339 Immunogenetics and the Major Histocompatibility Complex Compulsory
HLS340 Presentation and management of female infertility Compulsory
HLS341 Presentation and management of male infertility Compulsory
HLS342 Presentation and management of disease and causes of infertility Compulsory
HLS343 Presentation and management of genetics of reproductive science Compulsory
HLS344 Presentation and management of gamete procurement Compulsory
HLS345 Presentation and management of fertility preservation Compulsory
HLS346 Presentation and management of infertility treatment Compulsory
HLS347 Presentation and management of outcomes of ART Compulsory
HLS348 Presentation and management of introduction of new technologies and techniques Compulsory
HLS349 Effective communication where there are barriers to understanding Compulsory
HLS350 Effective communication regarding media and publication Compulsory
HLS351 Effective communication with multidisciplinary colleagues Compulsory
HLS352 Effective communication with all patient groups and donors Compulsory
HLS353 Effective communication with regulators and medico legal representatives Compulsory
HLS354 Effective communication to recommend individualised treatment strategies Compulsory
HLS355 Oogenesis Compulsory
HLS356 Spermatogenesis Compulsory
HLS357 Fertilisation Compulsory
HLS358 Pre implantation development Compulsory
HLS359 Implantation Compulsory
HLS360 Early pregnancy Compulsory
HLS361 Complications of ART Compulsory
HLS362 Screening and diagnosis of genetic conditions in ART Compulsory
HLS363 Equipment and safety Compulsory
HLS364 Principles of cryopreservation Compulsory
HLS365 Implications for treatment Compulsory
HLS366 Consent, statute and risk analysis Compulsory
HLS420 Prenatal screening and diagnosis of genetic conditions and Biology of pregnancy Compulsory
HLS421 Paediatric genetics including dysmorphology excluding cancer Compulsory
HLS422 Cardiac genetics Compulsory
HLS423 Neurological genetics Compulsory
HLS424 Endocrinological genetics including DSD Compulsory
HLS425 Dermatological genetics excluding cancer Compulsory
HLS426 Clinical genetics Compulsory
HLS427 Genetics of cancer medicine constitutional Compulsory
HLS428 Genetics of cancer medicine acquired excluding leukaemia and lymphoma Compulsory
HLS429 Genetics of haematological malignancies leukaemia and lymphoma Compulsory
HPE107 Assessment of Image Quality Compulsory
HPE108 Clinical Applications of Medical Imaging Technologies for Imaging Physics Compulsory
HPE109 Non Ionising Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Advice Optional
HPE110 Optimisation in Imaging with Ionising Radiation MPE Optional
HPE111 Optimisation in Imaging with Non Ionising Radiation MPE Optional
HPE112 Radiation Protection in Imaging Compulsory
HPE113 Advanced Brachytherapy Techniques Optional
HPE114 Advanced Computing Techniques Optional
HPE115 Ionising Radiations Instrumentation Specialisation Optional
HPE116 Laser, Ultraviolet and Artificial Optical Radiation Protection Advice Optional
HPE117 Mathematical Techniques in Medical Imaging Optional
HPE118 Novel and Specialised External Beam Radiotherapy Optional
HPE119 Novel Imaging Techniques Optional
HPE120 Radiation Protection Advice Optional
HPE121 Radioactive Materials, Waste and Transport Advice Optional
HPE122 Radiopharmaceuticals and Radiopharmacy Optional
HPE123 Targeted Radionuclide Therapy Optional
HPE124 Advanced Radiobiology related to Radiotherapy Compulsory
HPE125 Clinical Applications of Medical Imaging Technologies for Radiotherapy Compulsory
HPE126 Dosimetry MPE Optional
HPE127 Health Technology Assessment Compulsory
HPE128 Optimisation in Radiotherapy Compulsory
HPE129 Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy Compulsory
HPE130 Science and Technology in Healthcare Organisations Compulsory
HPE131 Strategic Role in Managing Medical Equipment Compulsory
HPE315 Computing, Clinical Bioinformatics, Genomics and Personalised Medicine Compulsory
HPE316 Driving Technological Change Evaluation Innovation and Strategy Compulsory
HPE317 Enabling and Benefitting Patients, Fostering Independence Clinical Biomedical Engineering Solutions Compulsory
HPE318 Health Economics Compulsory
HPE319 Modelling and Simulation Compulsory
HPE320 Service Redesign, Optimisation and Horizon Scanning Compulsory
HPE321 Systems Engineering Principles Compulsory
HPE322 Leadership and Management in Clinical Biomedical Engineering Compulsory
HPE406 Advances in Scientific Practice Compulsory
HPE407 Anaplastology Compulsory
HPE408 Cancer of the Head and Neck Compulsory
HPE409 Craniofacial Disorders and Cranio Maxillofacial Trauma Compulsory
HPE410 Ocular Prosthetics Compulsory
HPE411 Scar Therapies Compulsory
HPE412 Supporting the Disfigured Patient Compulsory
HPS134 Adult Congenital Heart Disease Expert Scientific and Clinical Practice Optional
HPS135 Advanced Transthoracic Echocardiography Optional
HPS136 Cardiac Electrophysiology 1 Optional
HPS137 Cardiac Electrophysiology 2 Optional
HPS138 Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing Optional
HPS139 Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy Optional
HPS140 Congenital Heart Disease Expert Scientific and Clinical Practice Compulsory
HPS141 Fetal Cardiology Optional
HPS142 Fetal Screening Programmes Optional
HPS143 Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Therapy Optional
HPS144 Pacemaker Therapy Optional
HPS145 Stress Echocardiography Optional
HPS146 Transoesophageal Echocardiography Optional
HPS147 Transoesophageal Echocardiography in Congenital Heart Disease Optional
HPS148 Transthoracic Echocardiography in Congenital Heart Disease Optional
HPS149 Advanced Lung Function Testing Compulsory
HPS150 Antibiotic Therapy Challenge Testing Compulsory
HPS151 Arterial Blood Gases Compulsory
HPS152 Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Compulsory
HPS153 Diagnosis of non respiratory related sleep disorders RS Compulsory
HPS154 Diagnosis of respiratory related sleep disorders Compulsory
HPS155 Long Term Oxygen Therapy Compulsory
HPS156 Non Invasive Ventilation Management Compulsory
HPS157 Non Positive Airway Pressure PAP therapy for the treatment of respiratory related sleep disorders Compulsory
HPS158 Positive Airway Pressure PAP therapy for the treatment of respiratory related sleep disorders Compulsory
HPS159 Presentation and Management of Asthma Compulsory
HPS160 Presentation and Management of Breathlessness Compulsory
HPS161 Presentation and Management of Bronchiectasis Compulsory
HPS162 Presentation and Management of COPD Compulsory
HPS163 Presentation and Management of Cough Compulsory
HPS164 Presentation and Management of Interstitial Lung Disease ILD Compulsory
HPS165 Presentation and Management of Other Respiratory Diseases Compulsory
HPS166 Presentation and Management of Pulmonary Vascular Diseases Compulsory
HPS167 Presentation and Management of Sleep Disordered Breathing Compulsory
HPS168 Pulmonary Shunt Investigation Compulsory
HPS169 Respiratory Diagnostics in Paediatrics Compulsory
HPS170 Respiratory Drive Testing Compulsory
HPS171 Respiratory Muscle Function Assessment and Treatment Compulsory
HPS172 Respiratory Therapeutics in Paediatrics Compulsory
HPS173 Sleep Diagnostics in Paediatrics Compulsory
HPS174 Sleep Therapeutics in Paediatrics Compulsory
HPS175 Treatment of non respiratory sleep disorders Compulsory
HPS176 Advances in Scientific and Clinical Practice Compulsory
HPS177 Community Vascular Science Compulsory
HPS178 Current Debates and Controversies in Vascular Science Compulsory
HPS179 Endo Vascular Aortic Repair Assessment and Surveillance Compulsory
HPS180 Evidence Based Practice Compulsory
HPS181 Haemodialysis Access and Reconstructive Surgery Assessment Compulsory
HPS182 High Quality Clinical Care Compulsory
HPS183 Managing a Physiological Sciences Service Compulsory
HPS184 Mesenteric, Hepatic and Renal Vascular Assessment Compulsory
HPS185 Paediatric Vascular Disease Compulsory
HPS235 Assessment and Management of Acute Vertigo Compulsory
HPS236 Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder ANSD Compulsory
HPS237 Auditory Processing Disorders APD in Children Compulsory
HPS238 Chronic Imbalance Compulsory
HPS239 Congenitally Deaf Adults Compulsory
HPS240 Dizziness in Children Compulsory
HPS241 Hearing Loss in Children with complex medical or developmental problems Compulsory
HPS242 Hearing problems in the elderly Compulsory
HPS243 Hearing Problems in Younger Adults Compulsory
HPS244 Imbalance in children Compulsory
HPS245 Learning Disabled Adults Compulsory
HPS246 Non organic hearing difficulties Compulsory
HPS247 Progressive, sudden or late onset deafness Compulsory
HPS248 Recurrent Vertigo Dysequilibrium Compulsory
HPS249 Tinnitus, Dysacusis and Hyperacusis Compulsory
HPS250 Tinnitus, Dysacusis and Hyperacusis in Children Compulsory
HPS251 Advanced Electrophysiology Compulsory
HPS252 Advanced Evoked Potential Measurement Techniques Compulsory
HPS253 Complex EEG Recording and Clinical Reporting Compulsory
HPS254 Cortical and Macular Visual Electrophysiology Compulsory
HPS255 Diagnosis of Non Respiratory Related Sleep Disorders NS Compulsory
HPS256 Neurosurgical Monitoring Optional
HPS257 Spinal Cord Monitoring Optional
HPS258 Visual Electrophysiology Optional
HPS259 Electrophysiology Compulsory
HPS260 Imaging Compulsory
HPS261 Visual Perception and Psychophysics Compulsory
HPS312 Andrology Compulsory
HPS313 Functional Urology Compulsory
HPS314 Neuro urology Compulsory
HPS315 Uro gynaecology Compulsory
HPS316 Uro oncology Compulsory
HPS317 Colonic and Small Bowel Disease Compulsory
HPS318 Functional GI Physiology Compulsory
HPS319 GI infection and diseases with immune basis Compulsory
HPS320 GI Oncology Compulsory
HPS321 Hepato Pancreatico Biliary HPB Disorders Compulsory
HPS322 Inflammatory Bowel Disease Compulsory
HPS323 Neuro gastroenterology Compulsory
HPS324 Oesophageal Disease and Peptic Disorders Compulsory
HPS325 Audit and Service Development Compulsory
HPS326 Counselling Compulsory
HPS327 Critical Appraisal and Health Economics Compulsory