Title Anti microbial susceptibility
Type Stage Two
Code HLS244
Requirement Optional

Module objective

By the end of the training period trainees will, with respect to antimicrobials, their mechanisms of action, clinical applications, development of and testing for resistance in respect of Anti-microbial susceptibility, be able to

  • analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply knowledge
  • perform, adapt and master a range of technical and clinical skills and procedures and
  • demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours necessary for professional practice as a consultant clinical scientist dealing with the complexities, uncertainties and tensions of professional practice at this level.

Knowledge and understanding

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to demonstrate the ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesise relevant knowledge and its application to their professional practice in relation to:

  • phenotypic versus genotypic testing
  • laboratory protocols, assay design, and choice of controls; limitations of assays should also be appreciated
  • relevant pharmacology; include knowledge of mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics, interactions, toxicities
  • the processes for evaluation of new compounds
  • phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials. Maintain awareness of new compounds
  • the impact of antimicrobials on epidemiology of microbial infections
  • development of knowledge of microbial dynamics and the spread of resistance within the population
  • how a reference laboratory works.

Technical and clinical skills

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of current relevant research, theory and knowledge and its application to the performance, adaptation and mastery of the following technical procedures and laboratory skills to:

  • interpret resistance data and provide appropriate clinical
  • manipulate and interpret genotypic data and compare it against sequences stored in
  • write clinical protocols for antimicrobial use and evaluate the impact of them.

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to apply knowledge of anti-microbial susceptibility, to perform, adapt and master the clinical skills necessary to manage:

  • patients who may have an infection which is resistant to antimicrobial treatment.

Attitudes and behaviours

This module has no attitude and behaviours information.


Code Title Action
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