Competency information


Communicate and negotiate effectively with an individual about what is to be achieved in genetic counselling consultations, taking into account the concerns and priorities of the individual/couple/family, as well as what can realistically be delivered


  • Active listening skills to elicit information
  • Establishment of good rapport with the individual/family
  • Managing patient expectations
  • Clinical guidelines and testing protocols
  • Factors that may influence communication such as age, capacity, language and learning ability
  • Manage expectations and timeframes
  • AGNC code of ethics
  • GCRB code of conduct
  • Good scientific practice
  • HCPC standards of proficiency

Relevant learning outcomes

# Outcome
# 1 Outcome

Lead on establishing the patient agenda and psychosocial needs in complex genetic and genomic counselling consultations, under the supervision of a GCRB registered Genetic Counsellor.