Training activity information


Outline a donor option strategy for a patient awaiting HSCT


Developmental training activity (DTA)

Evidence requirements

Evidence the activity has been undertaken by the trainee​.

Reflection on the activity at one or more time points after the event including learning from the activity and/or areas of the trainees practice for development.

An action plan to implement learning and/or to address skills or knowledge gaps identified.


  • Extended family members for HLA typing
  • Alternative unrelated options
  • Patient factors impacting options e.g. disease type, age, other co-morbidities and frequency of HLA haplotype within the donor population
  • Local policy and national guidelines
  • Resources to optimise donor’s selection, including algorithmic tools, computer software and AI/machine learning

Relevant learning outcomes

# Outcome
# 1 Outcome

Apply the appropriate strategy for the investigation of patients being considered for haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), interpret and report results of the investigation in the correct clinical context.

# 2 Outcome

Assess the suitability of potential related and unrelated matched and mismatched donors for HSCT.

# 3 Outcome

Perform clinical and laboratory monitoring of patients who have received HSCT.