Competency information


Assist staff undertaking clinical measurement procedures, including set-up, calibration, test performance, analysis, reporting and filing/storage of results.


  • Control of infection procedures, including hand washing.
  • Principles, guidance and law with respect to informed consent.
  • Importance of explaining your job role and the procedure to the patient and confirming patient identity.
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • How to communicate with patients in a way that respects their dignity, rights, privacy and confidentiality.
  • The processes for de-identifying medical images or other file-based data.
  • The types of processes employed for de-identifying structured clinical data, such as k-anonymity.
  • Mechanisms for secured data capture and transfer.
  • Data protection laws as they apply internationally, both within the EU and outside.
  • Data retention policies, in particular deletion, related to research data and how these impact on the ICT system design process.

Relevant learning outcomes

# Outcome
# 1 Outcome Observe and assist during a range of clinical measurement procedures effectively and safely with due regard to the patient, health and safety, data security and governance in ICT within the context of your work placement.