Competency information


Analyse data and report on the use of specific measurements (particularly in terms of accuracy, reproducibility, bias, specificity and sensitivity) in the context of bioinformatics.


  • Sources of appropriate literature relating to the technical, scientific and clinical basis of clinical measurements.
  • Common artefacts in equipment calibration and performance.
  • Statistical tests applied to clinical measuring data to measure accuracy, precision, resolution and bias.
  • Range of statistical tests and the appropriate choice for each situation.
  • Use of commonly available databases, spreadsheets and statistics packages.
  • Concept of Patient Identifiable Data and the process of de-identification for both teaching and research purposes.
  • Governance and ethical issues surrounding such secondary use of data.

Relevant learning outcomes

# Outcome
# 1 Outcome Observe and assist during a range of clinical measurement procedures effectively and safely with due regard to the patient, health and safety, data security and governance in ICT within the context of your work placement.
# 2 Outcome Develop a prototype image processing application.