Competency information


Participate in the maintenance of protective measures for ICT systems, including disaster measures, anti-virus protection, maintenance, updating, firewalls and virtual servers/networks.


  • Use of computing in the context of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering.
  • Configuration control and administration of local area networks.
  • The security and data governance processes in ICT within the context of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering.
  • Security, protective measures and routine housekeeping tasks for server-based applications.
  • IT security and data integrity.
  • Governance issues relating to patient data.
  • Operation of major ICT hardware, software and networking components.
  • Concept of a system in the context of electrical safety.
  • Software development methodology, e.g. SSADM.
  • Appropriate programming languages, e.g. C++, Microsoft Dot.Net, Matlab, Java, Python and/or PHP.
  • Web development tools.
  • System and applications software for PCs.

Relevant learning outcomes

# Outcome
# 4 Outcome Use configuration control in relation to PC software installations and local area networks, including the installation of systems and applications.