Competency information


Demonstrate good clean room behaviours.


  • Observation of rules applicable to working within clean rooms; health, hygiene and conduct.
  • Putting on appropriate clean room clothing, following the correct gowning procedure.
  • Cleaning of equipment and premises and prevention of cross- contamination.
  • Considerations for safe working and movement within a clean room.
  • Selection of appropriate methods of aseptic manipulation, manual and electronic.
  • Disinfection and preparation of work zones, gloves and components.
  • Aseptic technique and use of syringes, needles, vials and ampoules; assembly if consumables; removal of packaging, including consideration of hand placement within the clean air.
  • Maintaining a clean and uncluttered work zone.
  • Health and safety considerations; prevention of RSI, ergonomics, session length, rotation of activity.
  • Health and hygiene considerations relating to working within clean rooms, including hand hygiene and reporting of infections.
  • EU Directive on the prevention of sharps injuries.

Relevant learning outcomes

# Outcome
# 2 Outcome Complete hand and gowning validation. 
# 3 Outcome Undertake aseptic transfer (decontamination) operation.