Competency information


Explain to an volunteer adult subject the procedure for:

  • visual acuity measurement
  • Ishihara colour vision assessment
  • automated static perimetry or confrontational visual field.


  • The appropriate choice of investigation considering the findings from the history and clinical examination.
  • Common questions and concerns of patients about procedures.
  • Risks and benefits of undertaking the investigation.
  • The information needs of patients following investigation.
  • The authority level for provision of information to patients.
  • Common causes of neurological disorders/referrals and the populations disproportionately affected e.g. by age, ethnicity.

Relevant learning outcomes

# Outcome
# 1 Outcome Measure visual acuity using a LogMAR chart for adult subjects.
# 2 Outcome Perform an Ishihara colour vision assessment on an adult subject.
# 3 Outcome Perform an automated static perimetry or confrontation visual field on an adult subject.