Title Donor Recruitment, Selection and the Donation Process
Type Stage One
Code HLS057
Requirement Compulsory

Module objective

By the end of the training period with respect to donor recruitment, selection and the donation process the trainee will be able to:

  • analyse, synthesise, critically evaluate and apply knowledge
  • perform a range of technical and clinical skills and procedures
  • demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours necessary for professional practice as a consultant clinical scientist dealing with the complexities, uncertainties and tensions of professional practice at this level

Knowledge and understanding

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to demonstrate the ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesise relevant knowledge and its application to their professional practice in relation to:

  • JPAC ‘Guidelines for Blood Transfusion Services in the UK’ (Red Book) and Transfusion Handbook
  • principles and practice of donor recruitment, selection and retention
  • identification of donors and donations at the donor session
  • process for donor interview, donor health check, its purpose and content
  • test for haemoglobin level
  • donation of whole blood including measures to minimise the risk of bacterial
  • component collection:
    • platelets
    • red cells
    • granulocytes
    • plasma
  • adverse reactions of donors during and after the donation event
  • content of the donor questionnaire, its use and limitations
  • the procedure when the selection criteria for donation are not met
  • donation procedures for whole blood and blood component and by apheresis

By the end of the training period with respect to donor recruitment, selection and donation processes, trainees will have the clinical skills necessary to manage the donor recruitment process including:

  • the challenges of recruiting and retaining blood donors from black, Asian and ethnic minority groups
  • donor selection and health checks aimed at reducing transfusion-associated risks
  • the process to distinguish between suitable and unsuitable donors
  • the actions taken to manage donors experiencing an adverse reaction to donation

Technical and clinical skills

This module has no technical and clinical skills.

Attitudes and behaviours

This module has no attitude and behaviours information.


Code Title Action
HLS1-6-20 Clinical and Laboratory Transfusion [v1] View