Title Immunogenetics and the major histocompatibility complex 2
Type Stage Two
Code HLS180
Requirement Compulsory

Module objective

By the end of the training period trainees will, in respect of understanding significant immunogenetic and MHC factors that impact on current and future strategy for H&I service provision be able to:

  • analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply knowledge
  • perform, adapt and master a range of technical and clinical skills and procedures
  • demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours necessary for professional practice as a consultant clinical scientist dealing with the complexities, uncertainties and tensions of professional practice at this level.

Knowledge and understanding

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to demonstrate the ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesise relevant knowledge and its application to their professional practice in relation to:

  • the current literature and emerging trends of factors influencing:
    • solid organ transplant outcome
    • haemopoietic stem cell transplantation
    • complications and efficacy of transfusion
    • disease susceptibility
    • immune thrombocytopenia
    • drug efficacy and hypersensitivity.

Technical and clinical skills

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of current relevant research, theory and knowledge and its application to the performance, adaptation and mastery of the following technical procedures and laboratory skills:

  • select testing methodology and strategy for individual patients and patient service groups using current literature and emerging trends.

By the end of the training period the trainee will be able to apply knowledge of immunogenetics and the Major Histocompatibility Complex to perform, adapt and master the clinical skills necessary to manage to:

  • apply above knowledge when providing advice on:
    • donor selection
    • transplant outcome
    • transfusion efficacy
    • disease susceptibility
  • use above knowledge in discussions regarding strategy for service delivery and development.

Attitudes and behaviours

This module has no attitude and behaviours information.


Code Title Action
HLS1-4-20 Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics [v1] View