Title Supraregional reference laboratory attachment
Type Stage Two
Code HLS242
Requirement Optional

Module objective

This module is aimed at those trainees who would like to spend time considering an aspect of microbiology that is only available at a limited number of specialist centres or reference laboratories. Below are some examples, but the list is not exhaustive and the trainee is encouraged to come up with their own plans for this module. These would have to be approved by the local educational supervisor, CATT and chief examiner. Time in an overseas laboratory with particular expertise would be encouraged. These specialist modules will not be examined in the FRCPath Part 2 examination but will be assessed by assessment tools.

Some examples might include working in a laboratory offering anti-microbial susceptibility testing or working with exotic or dangerous organism, for example in a Containment Level 4 facility.

Knowledge and understanding

This module has no knowledge and understanding information.

Technical and clinical skills

This module has no technical and clinical skills.

Attitudes and behaviours

This module has no attitude and behaviours information.


Code Title Action
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