Title Further developing virology subspecialty skills
Type Stage Two
Code HLS285
Requirement Optional

Module objective

To allow trainee to develop a particular interest and expertise in a core component of the curriculum. The training format is already described under the core component. This optional module, however, is to give the trainee an opportunity to add to their virology training experience in another centre (including the PHE Virology Reference Laboratory at Colindale) and it is expected that this will be delivered as a short attachment (6–12 weeks) to a different virology centre.

Responsibility of the educational supervisor:

To arrange an attachment for the trainee to a different virology centre. The virology centre chosen should be on the basis of the trainee needs and the particular core component in which the trainee wishes to gain extended training.

Knowledge and understanding

This module has no knowledge and understanding information.

Technical and clinical skills

This module has no technical and clinical skills.

Attitudes and behaviours

This module has no attitude and behaviours information.


Code Title Action
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