Title Science and Technology in Healthcare Organisations
Type Stage Two
Code HPE130
Requirement Compulsory

Module objective

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will have developed skills and knowledge to provide scientific and technical advice and strategic overview in relation to the application of physical science within UK healthcare. They will also have developed knowledge of UK healthcare structures, standards and regulations and how to both work within these and influence their development. The Clinical Scientist in HSST will appreciate the roles of a wide range of stakeholders in influencing science policy, including: government, industry associations, professional bodies, funding agencies, medical charities and regulatory organisations.

The Clinical Scientist in HSST will be expected to apply current knowledge of scientific and technical trends in medical devices and of new and emerging technologies. The Clinical Scientist in HSST will be able to apply this knowledge and understanding to provide advice and to influence policy and strategy in the application of scientific and technological developments within the healthcare organisation. They will also understand and advise on how such developments will impact on the patient and the clinical services provided by an organisation.

The Clinical Scientist in HSST will also be expected to consistently demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours necessary for the role of a Consultant Clinical Scientist.

Knowledge and understanding

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will be able to critically analyse, synthesise, identify, interpret and critically apply their expert knowledge of physical sciences to influence and contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation spanning:

  • the public healthcare framework and environment within which healthcare scientists (including those in physical sciences and engineering) operate;
  • the mechanisms through which public policy and the strategic decisions of healthcare organisations (including hospital trusts and equivalents) are formulated and can be influenced to make best use of developments in¬†healthcare science and technology;
  • the opportunities provided by scientific and technological developments for clinical service innovation and role of translational R&D and health technology assessment;
  • how developments in healthcare science and technology impact on patients and clinical services.

Technical and clinical skills

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of current research and its application to the performance, adaptation and mastery of a range of technical skills, and will:

  • Evaluate trends in government and organisational policy that influence how science and technology will be best deployed to improve patient care.
  • Assess government policy as it impacts on healthcare science.
  • Write executive summaries to influence organisational policy in the area of science and technology.
  • Evaluate the current policy framework within which healthcare science and technology can impact patient care.
  • Review stakeholder requirements when designing and delivering the scientific and technology components of innovative clinical services.
  • Reflect on the challenges of applying research to practice in relation to these areas of practice and suggest improvements, building on a critique of available evidence.

Attitudes and behaviours

By the end of this module the Clinical Scientist in HSST will be expected to evaluate their own response to both normal and complex situations. They will consistently demonstrate the professional attributes and insights required of a Consultant Clinical Scientist working within the limits of professional competence referring as appropriate to senior staff and will:

  • Show leadership within the organisation in formulating policy and strategy related to healthcare science and technology.
  • Keep up to date with respect to healthcare policy developments as they affect the delivery of patient care through the use of medical technologies and scientific developments.


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